Manot Ceramics
Paint your own Pottery

Have a go and surprise yourself!

How it Works!

Before you start… make sure you have clean hands, the bisque ware and the paints don’t like dirty fingers!

Choose a piece of pottery. Take a clean wet sponge and remove any dust or marks from the piece.

Draw your own design onto the piece with the felt pens provided (the ink will burn off in the firing and will not leave a mark)

Or take a look at the designs available and transfer your design onto your piece using our special clay carbon paper (this will burn off as well)

Decide which colours to use; all the paints are completely non-toxic so anyone can have a go! One coat will give you a watercolour effect; two or three coats of paint will give you an opaque solid coverage.

Shake the bottle of paint and carefully squeeze out a small amount of colour onto the tile. The paints dry very quickly; you can always get more paint if you need it. You only need to wash your brush in the water between colours.

Let us take a look when you have finished your masterpiece – make sure you date and sign it. Please pay on day of painting.

We will glaze your piece and fire it in our kiln to 1000 °c. Your piece will be ready for collection in a few days.

Go on have a go, create a masterpiece

Capture a child’s tiny hand or footprint

Or just treat yourself, relax, have a coffee


Rue St Michel,
16500 MANOT, France


Phone: 05 45 30 69 56

Opening Times

Open April - November

Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 to 16:00.